Currently in full holiday appreciation mode.

My favourite crooner had everyone on their feet tonight! What an incredible entertainer.

There is nothing quite like sunshine and sea views to wake you up. You are too good to us, Doubtless Bay.

Life lesson alert:

Sometimes, I think that a person can simply look at you and peel back all the things that shuts us off from others. That one person is able to part the armour away from our skin, from our fear, from our love, from our hate, from our self.

I think this is love. Not fondness, or adoration, or red little emoji hearts. It’s unconditional love - the manifestation of the ache and need to nurture it. The want to pull away the layers of disdain one has for the world and pour a little love into with words of encouragement, of congratulation, of acceptance, of understanding. It’s not bought in jewels, or meals at fancy restaurants. It’s showing that person something you don’t share with others.

Happens all the time.

Just for future reference in my life:

1. There really are consequences for every action — note: inaction is an action, too.
2. The dreamers can have their dreams. I’d rather make shit happen.
3. None of it is all that serious. So laugh — at all of it.
4. While everything is fleeting, family, whether chosen or blood, is gold.
5. Work.
6. You can stuff a key in an unfit lock but it still won’t open the door. In fact, you’ll end up with a whole new problem — a broken lock.
7. Love unabashedly — just do it. So what if it leaves? So what?!
8. A woman should want, seek, and have a female friend — someone to tell all her secrets to, someone who never judges, someone who gives you a good smack when needed, and someone to cuddle when it all goes to shit, again.
9. Sometimes people suck. Move on.
10. Never apologise for being angry, sad, or mad as hell. In fact, relish in the right to rage, rage, and rage.
11. There is no secret pill. Work out and eat well. So go ahead and have a chip — just not the whole bag.
12. Love is not masochism.
13. Nothing has anything to do with you. So mind your own business. OR. Shut up and listen.
14. Learn to use a hammer. Take a peak under the toilet lid. Just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean you should expect a man to fix things. So go ahead, paint your own room.
15. Do community service. I still can’t see the reason not to.
16. BLAST YOUR MUSIC AT HIGH VOLUME because it feels good and you should dance just because it’s fun.
17. Things take time. That’s okay.
18. Know your role. If you want to change the game, you have to infiltrate from within. You must know the rules before you can break them.
19. Indulge in simple pleasures. They’re free. You’re welcome.
20. You know the saying, “you’re born alone and you’ll die alone.” False. Think about it. We actually come into this world physically attached to another human being.

That said…

21. Give. Giving is endless. We’re in this together. So if a smelly old lady comes into the grocery store and can’t buy herself an apple, then open up that wallet, the one you bought for 100 bucks, and pay for her. That’s an order, not a lesson.
22. Don’t be an asshole. There’s no legitimate reason for it. Instead of yelling at cyclists, be patient. Wherever you’re going is not as important as being patient and kind to your fellow man.
23. Give thanks every day.
24. Have a point of view and preach it from the mountaintops. Never apologise for the lion’s heart raging inside your chest. We’re all here on this earth to reach our own potentials. In fact, we owe it to ourselves and to our communities to do so.
25. Nothing is out of reach. Knock, knock, knock, or bang down the doors if necessary. Don’t stop. Never stop. Worst-case scenario? They say no. Big whoop. Find another door and get knocking.
26. There is a major difference between vicious gossip and being angry and needing to vent. Know the difference and if you must, choose the latter.
27. Travel.
28. Go skinny-dipping in the ocean (sorry, not sorry, Mom).
29. Our elders made one fundamental mistake: They didn’t give us due warning. They forgot to tell us how cruel and harsh the world could actually be. You will not become a CEO straight out of grad-school. You will not land a starring role in a huge feature film on your first try. You will not open and run a successful café without ever first making a latte. Big surprise you woke up one day and realised that life isn’t what you thought it would be when you were playing GI Joe versus Barbie in your bedroom. So now you know. I’ve just told you. What are you going to do about it? Refer to lessons 25, 27, 5 and then of course, number 3.

And finally,

30. Drink good whisky — drink it neat.

Happy New Year, internets!

Wardrobe for post-concert hangover day.

Ah the beach
Sanity within my reach
No clamour nor foes
Only the sand beneath my toes

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Easily my biggest lesson this year.

A true leader and ambassador of humanity, courageous man, and all-round inspiration. Rest in peace, Nelson Mandela.

Wine, tunes, sunset, and a sea breeze. Life’s good.

Pretty much reached a state of total euphoria out by the water today. Thank you, nature.