Heart, get comfy on sleeve. Head, you’ve gotten too cosy in sand.

I’m excited about you, 2014. You’ll be opulent and adventurous.

Happy New Year, internets!

Sleeping with John Legend tonight.

Ah the beach
Sanity within my reach
No clamour nor foes
Only the sand beneath my toes

9 Reasons Why You Should No Longer Care About People's Approval ›

Easily my biggest lesson this year.

If you replace the word “Christmas” with “breakfast,” you can sing these songs every day of the year.

There’s a universal law ensuring the following items can usually be found in one of my pockets: a business card, an airline ticket, cash, and once in a great while… a Lego holiday elf.

Love Jenga evenings.

Title: I Would Do Anything For You Artist: Foster The People 60 plays

Feel good Foster fix.

A true leader and ambassador of humanity, courageous man, and all-round inspiration. Rest in peace, Nelson Mandela.

Sometimes, if you’re lucky, someone fits into your life so easily and yet their impact is so large, that you often realise how much you’ve grown, accepted, and learnt to share because of them.

I have so much love for you, N. Your sincerity, kindness, thoughtfulness, and generosity has layered my life, and it continues to pull into focus the things that truly matter. I’m grateful to people who make me happy - I’m grateful to you. Thank you.

Wine, tunes, sunset, and a sea breeze. Life’s good.

I wish to extract my heart this very day and have a talk with it

The big talk. What would I say? How would I phrase everything so as not to frighten it right out of want for existence?

“Heart?” I might begin, “let me first tell you how wonderful and amazing you are for pumping along even after everything I put you through.” I would wipe away a ridiculous tear, already begun like a weak-willed idiot. “Really,” I’d continue, “that sure is something. Honestly, great job there.” My heart would lie, seeping and exposed, wanting to gasp for air but holding its own, as I’ve taught it so well, holding together for the sake of projection and dignity. “Now, heart,” I’d begin again, for real this time, “I want you to know, because you sure are old enough now, that things aren’t always going to be this easy.” My heart would give a little pump of attentiveness, but shy back away out of pure vanity. This, easy? It would be thinking. This, is easy? I’d never tell it that I knew what it was thinking. My heart wants me to think it can’t feel. Ha. I taught it that trick. “Heart, listen to me,” I’d continue, suddenly serious. “All these trials and tribulations, all these clichés, all this guess and check everything… it all means something, okay?” My heart would sputter a little chuckle through an artery or two. “Really. Do you believe me? All these things amount to something you will be someday. Something you will want to be. Do you understand?” Pump, pump, pump. “I suppose you don’t want to, but you will. And I promise everything will always be better and make sense. Just lend your trust and I will lend you kind words and we will stumble through this weedy patch of life together, yes?” Pump. Pump, pump. “Okay. Well, I just wanted you to know. You deserve to know.” Then I’d pick up my slimy, red veiny heart and shove him back down my throat and into his home where he belongs, still pumping away and prepping me for whatever comes next.

Pretty much reached a state of total euphoria out by the water today. Thank you, nature.